Oversize cargo

We provide oversize and heavy load cargo transportation services starting from quarry machinery and up to project equipment. Oversize and heavy load cargo shipment is one of the most complicated types of transportation being ensured by a list of agreements upon. Our Company makes speciality in international transportation by RO-RO and Break bulk vessels; in provision of the full range of oversize cargo door to door delivery; in overall control of cargo forwarding; and has wide experience in arrangement of the complicated project cargo forwarding.

Cargo classification:

  • Construction wheeled and track machines;
  • Farm machinery;
  • Industrial machinery;
  • Extra oversize and extra heavy load cargo;

Services we provide:

  • Selection of the transportation facilities and special vehicles with regard to all characteristics of the given cargo;
  • Optimal transportation routing;
  • Securing of necessary approvals and coordination of the on-board loading procedure for oversize cargo shipment;
  • Arrangement of cargo escort by state traffic inspection;
  • Detailed consultation of the customer on the oversize cargo shipment;
  • Freight –forwarding support at the seaports of Ukraine;

Full range of the «Door to Door» services includes all stages of preparation works starting from preliminary routing of cargo shipment up to its following approval by all related agencies (in each separate case the list of such agencies may vary due to the degree of the oversize cargo /heavy load cargo and its transportation routing correspondingly).

Features of the oversize cargo.

Cargo is deemed to be oversize provided its length, width or height exceeds standard permissible dimensions.

But there is the only term of the heavy load cargo being identified by the capacity of the transportation vehicles and features of the shipment routes.

Any parameter deviation may require special approach to arrangement of shipment: securing of the special permissions, escort services by special vehicles, adaptation of the roadways and communications. Thus in France there no any height restrictions but the width limit for the cargo shipped being transported by highways without special permissions is 3 m. There is only one solution, which is to develop the route avoiding highways but with provision of the compulsory costly cargo escort services.

However in Germany there is a critic height of 4,50 m, that’s why every centimetre counts. If the cargo parameters deviate at least 5 cm there is a probability that securing of special permission will last for months, the shipment route may be extended by hundreds of kilometres and there is always an expectance that the shipment route may pass through other countries requiring additional agreements booming the cost of transportation with regard to vehicle idle time.

Also it is necessary to take into account the weight of cargo and its routing especially in Ukraine and other CIS countries where the major bridges and highways were construed in 1960 s, and the most well functioning of them are not designed for loads over 80,0 t. All particularities of any cargo type in any country cannot be placed into the biggest guide book, especially they cannot be described here within several paragraphs. But the experience our company has gained in the market, guarantees that your oversize cargo will be safely delivered from A point to B point on time.

The cost:

We recommend you to contact us in order to agree upon transportation terms and conditions.