About company

“Savicon” Transportation and Forwarding Company provides high quality services in the sphere of multimodal and international marine transport operations for over 10 years.

While making foreign trade contracts and assessment of its reasonability shipping logistic becomes its integral and often even its key factor.

Due to this reason “Savicon” Transportation and Forwarding Company provides services based on decent knowledge of the international container shipping market, ports of the world, business agreements with all authorized representatives of the container lanes at the ports of Ukraine, and operation of wide agent network all over the world.

Advantageous geographical location of Odesa, accessibility of Odesa, Chornomors’k and Yuzhne sea ports make it possible for “Savicon” Transportation and Forwarding Company to provide container carriage, cargo transhipment and any freight shipment services successfully.

Well-established connections with other ports in the region make it possible for us to be a successful operator engaged in cargo transhipment in these districts.

We always take into regard the requests of the customers as well as the point of cargo location, its dimensions and physical parameters in the process of arrangement of the highest world standards compliant container shipping services and preparation of the package of port processing and customs clearance documents.

Having addressed our company regarding container cargo shipping you will understand how quick, quality and timely the container shipping can ever be.

Aim of the “Savicon” Transportation and Forwarding Company is to help your business grow.