Freight insurance

Goods are being shipped (forwarded) based on shipment agreements, national transportation regulations and international transportation conventions. Responsibility being undertaken by the freight forwarding companies is strictly regulated and limited.

This professional activity but not the cargo itself is being insured by freight forwarders in favour of the third affected persons. A forwarding company gets only commission from the ship owner’s profits that’s why it cannot bear responsibility for the risk related to aggregate cargo turnover of the owner.

There is a list of reasons stating why the carrier and forwarder do not bear legal financial responsibility for loss or damage of the freight. That’s why we propose you to insure the freight.

By insuring your cargo you can count for indemnification against the loss or damage of the forwarded cargo that has been insured with the insurance company in the events of any circumstances foreseen by insurance agreement.

You will be indemnified against the actual loss the insured cargo passes through under the circumstances prescribed by the insurance agreements. Moreover you will be indemnified against any loss, expenses and fees in case of general average (for maritime shipment) and all expenses related to rescue of cargo, decrease of loss and also expenses related to the loss assessment provided such indemnification is foreseen by insurance agreement.