Container shipping

Nowadays over 95% of the cargo shipping between countries is being conducted by sea lanes. This method has become very popular due to significant company’s budget economy in goods import and export transactions. Delivery of goods by sea makes it possible to consign high volumes of goods at one haul. «Savicon» Company provides international sea freight and cargo transportation services through ports of Ukraine (Odesa, Chornomorsk, Yuzhne), making it major activity of the Company; but still our Company actively expands the scope of its activities also providing container transportation between any countries and ports all over the world.

Combined with container transportation we arrange international transportation of cargo by motor vehicles, in cargo railroad cars, transhipment of cargo between these means of transportation and containers, and additionally we provide the complete range of complimentary services the customer may need in any part of the world, namely: cargo insurance, customs brokers services, cargo survey services, re-issue of documents, cargo repacking and many other services.

Owing to our experience and connections with agents and carriers all over the world we propose the most ultimate transportation solutions to our customers.